On behalf of the people of West Papua, congratulations and warm wishes to the people, government and cabinet of Papua New Guinea as you celebrate your independence anniversary. From your brothers and sisters on the other side of the border: happy independence day.

Although we cannot yet celebrate our independence, we know that one day we will celebrate together from Sorong to Samarai. We are ONE people, with ONE identity and ONE culture. We will see the entire island of New Guinea united in one spirit, and the people of West Papua will take their place at the Melanesian table of nations. Until West Papua is free and the island of New Guinea is united, the whole Pacific region suffers this rotten wound at its heart.

But we see the bright light of our collective future. Until that day, pray for your brothers and sisters across the border living under colonial rule. Only the colonial border separates us. God has a plan for our land to be reunited as a free people. Our struggle is close to succeeding.

God bless you.

Benny Wenda