The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) is deeply saddened by the news that Andy Ayamiseba, long-standing fighter for West Papua’s freedom, has passed away in Canberra, Australia.

This is a great loss for our people. Andy was the Deputy Chair of the ULMWP’s Legislative Council, a founding member of the popular band Black Brothers and a leading figure in the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation. He spent his whole life fighting to end Indonesian colonialism. We are mourning his passing.

We will not surrender or give up in the face of this sadness, but continue his legacy. Andy stood for the dream of a West Papua free from Indonesian colonialism, a dream all West Papuan people share. Andy joined the ULMWP to help unite our struggle and fight as one people and one soul for self-determination and independence. This is a great loss, but we will honour and respect his legacy in the Pacific region by continuing this struggle to its victory.

The Executive Committee of the ULMWP would like to send its condolences to the family, from West Papua to Canberra to Port Vila, and especially to his grandchildren. The people of West Papua will always remember the courage, spirit and leadership of Andy Ayamiseba and his historic contribution to our struggle for freedom.

God bless you.

Benny Wenda
ULMWP Executive Committee