The ULMWP has received urgent information from inside West Papua concerning the mass arrest of around 200 non-violent political demonstrators by the Indonesian colonial regime, centred on the Nabire Regency.

Demonstrations of several thousand have been met with mass arrests in the following places:

  • Siriwini, Nabire: 25 arrested
  • Karang Tumaritis, Nabire: 15 arrested
  • Kampus Uswim, Nabire: 16 arrested
  • Kalibobo, Nabire: 15 arrested
  • SP, Nabire: 90 arrested
  • Timika, Mimika: 9 students arrested

Thousands of people have marched on the local police HQ in Nabire to demand the release of those illegally detained there. In Timika, local human rights lawyers have demanded the release of the nine students:

  • Petrus Aim
  • Fredy Yeimo
  • Ardi Murib
  • Dorlince Iyowau
  • Melvin Yogi
  • Penehas Nawipa
  • Deborius selegani
  • Yosua Nawipa
  • Demianus Magai

The people of West Papua are protesting against the extension of the fraudulent ‘Special Autonomy’ (Otsus) provisions, first imposed upon us in 2001. Over 44 civil society groups, over 50 Indigenous Papuan priests and other churches and organisations are standing against Special Autonomy.

20 years of Special Autonomy has only meant more killing, more marginalisation, more destruction of our environment and way of life. Since 2016, the Indonesian colonial State has used mass arrests to crush the resistance of the people of West Papua, leading to a massive increase in the number of political prisoners in West Papua.

The ULMWP is calling for the immediate cessation of the Special Autonomy law and for the Indonesian government to hold a referendum on independence in accordance with international law.