Two small babies were shot by the Indonesian military in Intan Jaya yesterday, October 26. One of them has died, and the other is in critical condition. Thousands more West Papuans have been displaced in Intan Jaya and Maybrat as Indonesia bombs villages. Hundreds of refugees are fleeing into PNG.

One two-year old, Nopelinus Sondegau, was murdered by the colonial forces. A five-year old, Yoakim Majau, was also shot. The bullet is still in the baby’s shoulder.

These killings are happening under the eye of the world while the Indonesian President and ministers pretend that nothing is happening during talks with Pacific and Melanesian leaders. These killings are happening as Indonesia tries to turn West Papua’s killing fields into a tourist destination.

We need urgent UN intervention now. Indonesia cannot use coronavirus as an excuse to delay the visit of the UN High Commissioner, recently called for by the Basque Parliament, any longer. Indonesia has hosted national games in West Papua during coronavirus, Indonesia has sent thousands of troops to West Papua during coronavirus, now Indonesia is killing small children during coronavirus. There can be no more excuses. Amnesty International, Red Cross, all international journalists, must be allowed in to monitor this urgent situation.

My people are screaming for help. Where is the world?

Benny Wenda
Interim President
ULMWP Provisional Government

Internal displacement in West Papua, October 2021.

Indonesian armaments on villages, October 2021.