Dear Hon. Prime Minister James Marape,

On behalf of the people of West Papua and the ULMWP Executive, I congratulate you on your election as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

I trust that your leadership will benefit the people of Papua New Guinea and the people of the whole of New Guinea, from Sorong to Samarai. Colonial boundaries have separated the people of New Guinea, but one day our dream is to unite as one people, one land, one ancestor. Papua New Guinea and West Papua both face the dangers of natural resource exploitation and climate change, and the ULMWP is working towards a solution to preserve our lands and benefit our people.

I would also like to thank former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who made history by speaking out regionally and internationally about injustice in West Papua.

Prime Minister Marape, I hope you can be the voice of the voiceless and that your government can continue to bring the West Papua issue to regional and international fora. I hope you can speak out over the continuing foreign occupation and exploitation of our rich natural resources in West Papua, where my people are still suffering under 21st century colonialism.

God bless you and your work serving the people of Papua New Guinea.

In unity,

Benny Wenda
United Liberation Movement for West Papua