The ULMWP, with the support of the West Papuan people, is ready to peacefully reclaim our country, and end nearly 60 years of genocide, ecocide and torture.

In 2014, with the support of the government, chiefs and people of Vanuatu, all major political factions came together under the Saralana Declaration, forming the ULMWP. In 2019, all major military units have come together under one umbrella, the West Papua Army. Today, the people of West Papua speak in one voice, with one soul, behind one agenda.

From 6-9 December, 2018, all regional military commanders autonomously came together for a congress, agreeing in principle to unify under one name, the West Papua Army, and support the ULMWP. On May 1, 2019, the Vanimo Border Declaration was signed in PNG, ratifying the agreement to unite.

The ULMWP recognises the establishment of the West Papua Army as a legitimate self-defence force. The commanders of three West Papuan military factions decided themselves to unite, choosing the name of our nation for their unified military, not the name of any one faction. The ULMWP recognises how important this unity is.

For six decades, Indonesia has played divide and rule, trying to separate West Papuan brothers and sisters from each other and leaving us unable to defeat the oppressor. Enough is enough. Unity is the KEY to our freedom. The more we unite, the closer we move to victory. The more we divide, the more our people will suffer.

As the Chairman of the ULMWP, I want the West Papua issue to be solved peacefully, through international mechanisms. We want the UN to review what happened in 1969. We want a peaceful referendum on independence in accordance with our fundamental right to self-determination.

I call on all my people, abroad and inside, in the bush, in the towns, in the villages, from the islands, the lowlands and highlands, to unify behind the ULMWP and the West Papua Army. If we want to form an independent state, we have to form unified authorities capable of governing our territory. We must show the world that we are ready to run our country.

The ULMWP is already recognised within the Melanesian Spearhead Group, the Pacific Islands Forum, and other international fora. The ULMWP has already formed legislative, judicial and executive wings, six bureaus, and a diplomatic corps. We are the legitimate political representatives of the West Papuan people. Now is our opportunity to raise the level of our struggle even further.

Together, we can free our country from 21st century colonialism. We can end the killings, the torture, the genocide. We can forge a new nation, protect our environment, and live with freedom and justice. Our enemy will try to divide us. We must respond as one people, one soul, one voice.

God bless you all.

Benny Wenda