Hollandia, West Papua, June 9th 2016

Addressing human rights violations in Papua through the team formed by Indonesian minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan is only an effort to impede the diplomatic efforts of the fact-finding team of the Pacific Island Forum (PIF).

Indonesian team formations give away the politicized nature of their investigation because according to the mechanism of human rights violations it shall be handled by the National Human Rights Commission and is not a stealth team formed by a minister. The cases of human rights violations by Indonesia in West Papua is not only 14 cases, as stated by Minister Luhut’s investigation team but were recorded since the annexation in 1963 until today. The violations committed against the people of Papua is not only the murder and torture suffered by the people but are very complex, and include, the routine denial of democratic space, land grabbing, illegal logging and the many cases of human rights abuses that continue to occur in Papua. The investigation team formed by the Indonesian government is only aimed at improving the name of the country in the face of International and Indonesian public opinion that is paying serious attention to human rights abuses in West Papua.

Settlement of human rights violations in West Papua is only a ruse by Jakarta because human rights violations since 1963 until now are not easily solved in the near future as the current discourse of the Indonesian government intends. What’s more some of the alleged perpetrators involved in a number of such cases in West Papua are involved in teams to resolve human rights violations in Papua. It’s something that does not make sense since the perpetrators as the judge is something that is unreasonable.

Therefore we Papuans incorporated in the ULMWP convey an attitude of rejection as follows:

1. Firmly reject the fact-finding team made in colonial Indonesia involving elements such as Marinus Yaung, Matius Murib and others.

2. We ask the international community to immediately Send an International Monitoring Team to the hear the voice of West Papuan Self-Determination (Referendum).

3. We the people of Papua request an urgent fact-finding team of the Pacific Island Forum (PIF) to be sent immediately to Papua.

4. Urges all human rights activists, religious and victims not to get involved and reject the fact-finding team of human rights violations created by Jakarta.

5 .We urge all the components of the Papuan people to get involved in a peaceful demonstration to refuse the artificial fact-finding team that will be held on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 across West Papua.

This press release, we create can be shared for the attention of all people. We say thank you.
Best regards,

The National Parliament of West Papua (PNWP)
Buctar Tabuni

West Papua National Coalition For Liberation (WPNCL)
Andy Ayamseba

State Federal Republic of West Papua (NFRPB)
Edison Waromi