On September 21st, 2018 Edison Waromi, Chairman of the ULMWP Council of Legislatives, was arrested and interrogated by the Indonesian police and intelligence service. Here is a brief chronology of what took place during and after Waromi’s detainment

Unprocedural seizure of Edison Waromi, Chairman of ULMWP Legislative Committee and Prime Minister of NRFPB.

  1. At 3pm, local time in Jayapura, Edison Waromi, was visited by unknown guests who are Jayapura police intelligence unit. They came with black Toyota Avanza. He was told to go with them.
  2. The families were not told of where they are going to take him. This creates psychological and emotional stress from the families. Thus families and activists went to check Polda Papua police station but could not find Mr Waromi. They went to Polresta Jayapura police station but could not find him there as well. Meanwhile, he was taken to Swiss Bell Hotel in Jayapura town to meet with Jayapura Chief of Police (Kapolresta)
  3. After one hour of no contact with Mr Waromi, families and activist network went onto search mode.
  4. Meanwhile, Mr Waromi’s meeting with Kapolres went for one hour ten minutes. Their meeting established the bottom line that from Waromi’s position the rally will go ahead, but from Kapolres position, there is not permit for the rally to go ahead. Nonetheless, as the chair of ULMWP legislative committee, Mr Waromi has taken full responsibility of the action organised on the 24 September.
  5. At 4:30pm, local time, Mr Waromi arrived at his home.
  6. At 4:45pm, local time, activists have gathered around his home to provide security and safety for his family.

Other notes

  1. Meanwhile, Laurenzus Kapeda, Member of Papuan Peoples Assembly Council, Commision I (DPR Papua) has advocated about the situation with Kapolres. Mr Kapelda was told that it was just a meeting and nothing to worry about.