This week, ULMWP members met with delegates prior to the upcoming meeting of the African, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) and European Union (EU) Parliamentary Assembly.

Following the meeting the Vanuatu Government will be putting the following proposals to the ACP-EU:

  • ACP-EU Parliamentarians can voice their concern and they can support Papuan rights, including the right to self-­determination by rallying to the call from the 8 Pacific Island Countries for justice and respect for the right to self –determination.
  • They can get regional and global intergovernmental bodies such the African Union, CARICOM and other regional and sub-regional multilateral bodies to pass resolutions and restrict commercial and other relations with Indonesia.
  • As member states of the United Nations ACP –EU countries can insist on an internationally supervised referendum on independence (or at least the re-­listing of West Papua as a non-­self-­governing territory).
  • Support with one voice the proposed resolutions in the upcoming Joint ACP-EU parliament meeting in month of October and also the resolution on West Papua to be adopted at ACP Council of Ministers meeting in November 2017
  • Call on ACP-EU Parliamentarians to urge their respective governments to address the issue of West Papua at the multilateral level and assist Indonesia to resolve this 54 year crisis.