The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu, Hon. Ralph Regenvanu MP has reiterated Vanuatu’s longstanding support for West Papuan self-determination. After the Indonesian government expressed its anger at the Vanuatu government for sponsoring the West Papuan people’s petition being delivered to the United Nations, Mr. Regenvanu told Buzz 96FM;

“Vanuatu recently reaffirmed its commitment and celebrated the establishment of the ULMWP movement by hosting a meeting here some years ago, as well as giving land for the ULMWP office,”

According to the Vanuatu Daily Post, Mr. Regenvau stated, “It is an opportunity for the ULMWP to raise the issue of West Papua with the UN, because essentially it is unfinished business for the UN and there are very few avenues that West Papuan people can use to bring their fight to attention or continue to bring their fight into the attention of the International Community so Vanuatu will continue to assist them in doing this,” said Minister Regenvanu.

Ralph Regenvanu

“Vanuatu doesn’t regard the West Papua movement or ULMWP as different or as a separatist movement, which is what the Indonesians has labelled and considered it as a case of territory, which is never properly decolonized by the UN,” said Mr Regenvanu.

Minister Regenvanu affirmed that whenever Vanuatu has a delegation to a UN’s meeting, it is a process for Vanuatu and other countries to submit an accreditation note which lists all the members of the delegation who are going be part of the official delegation.

Mr Regenvanu further confirmed that the ULMWP chairman, Benny Wenda was officially accredited in the Vanuatu delegation to the UN meeting.