As 2021 ends, I would like to thank everyone who has stood with us this year: our solidarity groups, the International Parliamentarians for West Papua, the International Lawyers for West Papua, all those across the world who continue to tirelessly support us. Religious leaders, NGOs, politicians, diplomats, individuals, everyone who has helped us in the Pacific, Caribbean, Africa, America, Europe, UK: thank you.

Our goal is getting closer. Please help us keep up the momentum in 2022 with your prayers, your actions and your solidarity. You are making history through your support, which will help us achieve independence soon.

As you all know, the current situation in my home land continues to get worse and worse. We continue to demand that the Indonesian government release the eight students arrested on December 1 for peacefully calling for their right to self-determination. We also demand that the military operations, which continue in Intan Jaya, Puncak, Nduga and elsewhere, cease. The Indonesian government must respect our Christmas celebrations, as we have respected your national and religious days. You must also, as early as possible in 2022, allow the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights into West Papua; there can be no excuses for continuing to bar her while military operations continue in the middle of the pandemic.

Please everyone around the world continue to support us until we achieve our freedom. On behalf of the ULMWP Provisional Government and the people of West Papua, thank you for everything you have done, Merry Christmas, and see you next year.

Benny Wenda
Interim President
ULMWP Provisional Government